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Somebody once told me, "The good does not make noise, the noise does not make good." Those words served as a source of inspiration for The Dannebohm Dispatch.

I believe that calm minds and sound doctrine will always prevail. 

Since the dawn of social media, people have been subject to a lot of "noise." It seems like every day a new garage studio "influencer" is launching a podcast. More often than not, the noisemakers prattle on about everything that is wrong in the world without offering any type of solution. Sadly, a good number of them also capitalize off of fear mongering.

I'm just an average guy hoping to present readers with some down to earth, albeit often sardonic observations of current events -- both secular, and religious. No inflated scholarly language, no overly complicated theology, no hype -- just simple observations and reflections. While my commentaries may at times rub people the wrong way, I am of the opinion that a civilized society can still agree to disagree in a respectful manner. I'll admit, it's rare these days, but I think there are a few people remaining who are capable of treating one another with dignity and decency regardless of differing views and opinions.

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